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ENOVA: our Ultra-Premium range, developed by our nutritionists, stands apart for the quality of its ingredients, the high levels of Ω3 & Ω6, chondroprotectives added in the formulas as ingredients (just to name a few), that allow Enova to satisfy all the main nutritional requirements of dogs and cats of any age, size or breed.


CARNILOVE: a complete range of dry and wet food for dogs (& now also cats), manufactured by Vafo, and developed with the cohabitation between dog & man well in mind. Ingredients and proportions between them are studied in order to recreate the diet of canids before the discovery of agriculture, and the manufacturing uses the most innovative technologies, necessary to assemble such high-meat formulas. As the grains are not part of the natural diet of wild canids, Carnilove is completely Grain-Free.


POOCH & MUTT: a range of very palatable, functional treats made in UK that have been formulated with the aim to satisfy some specific need (such as digestive upsets, anxiety, bad breath) with carefully selected supplements. They come in two kinds of packaging: 125-grams tubes, and 80-grams pouches.


CANVIT: Canvit supplements have been designed to deliver maximum effect against specific health problems. The formulas contain a blend of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements balanced for high efficacy and absorption of bioactive components in the body. Ideal for prevention in animals with increased risk of illness and to support treatment in early stages of illness.

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